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  • Jim Corbett's 137th Birthday celebrated.

    On 25th of July, like every year this year too, People in Jim Corbett's Village,

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Volunteer Opportunities


Period of Stay
Volunteers area always welcome to Corbett Village Eco-Tour. This area has a lot to offer to the volunteers to work for long term (02 to 06 months and more) and short term (15 to 30 days) programs.

Scope of Work
Some of the important activities for the volunteers are as follows:

  1. Study of Flora and Fauna of the Area :

  2. a) Listing of Bird Species (More than 350 Species are found in this area)
    b) Listing of Mammals’ Species
    c) Study of Deers and Antelopes
    d) Listing of Reptiles (Area is famous for Pythons and King Cobras)
    e) Study of Herbal Plants
    f) Study of Amphibians and Fishes (Mahseer Fish)

    2. Awareness Generation on Sensitive Conservation Issues.
    3. SWOT Analysis of Community Based Tourism Interventions in the Area.
    4. Study on Livelihood Interventions to Wean Villagers away From Forest Based Livelihood.
    5. Promotion of Eco-Tourism in the Area.
    6. Study of Road Kills on Kaladhungi –Nainital and Kaladhungi-Bazpur Road.
    7. Identification of Various Spots inside the Forest Mentioned in Jim Corbett’s Books.
    8. Promotion of Rural Enterprises.
    9. Socio-Economic Study of the Area.
    10. Wildlife Photography


Following facilities are available for the volunteers to work:

  1. Home Stay: Home stays with well furnished rooms are available in Corbett’s Village-Chhoti Haldwani. Staying with the village families provide an exquisite experience of real India.
  2. Mode of Conveyances: Open Gypsy is available for safari in the forest area. Motorbike and cycles are also available for as per choice of the volunteer.   
  3. Food: Vegetarian food is served in all home stays. Menu is flexible as per choice of the visitor.
  4. Cooking Workshops: Cooking workshops are organized for the visitors to train them on Indian cuisines and Chapatis (Indian bread).
  5. Self Cooking: Home stays are available with self cooking facilities. Rooms are available with attached kitchen with all basic kitchen appliances.
  6. Trained Guide/Naturalist: A trained guide/naturalist will be available with the volunteers throughout their stay.
  7. Connectivity: A broadband connection is available for internet surfing and browsing. Telephone facility is available for local and national calls in India.
  8. Tools and Equipment: Tools and equipment like binoculars, angling rods, tents, mats, first aid kit etc. are available for the volunteers.


Budgetary Provisions

  1. Short Term Program (15-30 days): A consolidated amount of Rs. 12500.00 (180.00 EUR/257.00USD/157.00GBP) for 15 days and Rs. 25000.00(360.00EUR/514.00USD/314.00GBP) for 30 days program will be charged per volunteer including boarding, lodging, internet surfing and browsing and guide facilities.
  2. Long Term Program (02 to 06 months and more): A consolidated amount of Rs. 20000.00(287.00EUR/412.00USD/252.00GBP) per month per volunteer will be charged including boarding, lodging, internet surfing and browsing and guide facilities.
  3. Other Charges: No additional charges will be taken for local conveyance (Within 15-20 kms of Corbett’s Village). Other than this an additional charge on current market rates will be charged for any mode of conveyance. Charges for major tools and equipments (Other than basic tools and equipment necessary for the work) and other facilities will be extra.


Best Time to Work

    • 1. For Birding and Wildlife Movements: Jan to May is the best time for listing fauna of the area. This time a lot of migratory birds visit this area and other wild animals remain most active during this period.
    • 2. Other Activities: Other activities can be carried out throughout the year.





    Conservation Activity

    One of the most important aspects of our community based tourism initiative is conservation of flora and fauna of this area. We organize awareness campaigns, plantation drives and nature workshops for maintaining bio-diversity.


    Volunteer opportunity

    Period of Stay

    Volunteers are always welcome to Corbett Village Eco-Tour. This area has a lot to offer to the volunteers to work for long term...