The iron girder bridge across the Boar river was built in 1822 on the road connecting Kaladhungi and Nayagaon. Corbett and Maggie took long walks along the river and spend hours fishing on it. The Baram Bobo trail, commencing from the Nainital road, crossing the hunting lodge were Corbett sat for nights together observing animals, the Baram bobo temple  and the Bhumka chaur is very interesting. After crossing the Boar river it joins up with the Kotabagh road leading to Kaladhungi. If you are lucky, you may even encounter elephants or perhaps a tiger along the river. During the months of Nov-Feb, local carpenters of the Chunare caste come down from Bageshwar hills to make wood theki’s of various sizes. They use the water from the river to run turbines for chiseling wood, which is a unique innovation. They have perfected  this craft since historic times. Wood from the trees of sandan and gethi is used.