08 Aug 2023

The 148 birthday of Jim Corbett Celebrations

The 148 birthday of Jim Corbett was very special this year. Celebrations took place at the winter house of Jim Corbett, now a museum. The programme was supported by Tourism Department of Uttarakhand and Corbett Tiger Reserve. The members of Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti put together a beautiful theatrical preformaces on stories written by Corbett in his books, an exhibition, film shows, Kumaoni Jhora on life of Jim Corbett etc. A film on the heritage of Chotti Haldwani was launched, which was supported by the Tourism dept. MLA Shri Bansi Dhar Bhagat and Director Corbett, graced the occasion. Over 400 people turned up to participate from near by towns and villages.

19 Nov 2021

Bird Watching : Observe Birds in open fields & deep forests

From rejuvenating bird songs to exploring miles of quite untouched forests, tracking pug-marks of the tiger to chasing deers in the grasslands, you will experience the beautiful effect of nature’s love in the vicinity of Jim Corbett’s Village.
Bird Watching or Birding is the observation and study of birds with the naked eye or through a binocular. A large number of people all over the world enjoy bird watching. There are over 1200 species of birds found in India and out of these more than 350 species are found in Jim Corbett’s Village and surrounding forests.

Birding can help to counter the threats confronting birds in the Indian Subcontinent. So be a part of the conservation movement and enjoy birding with the community of Jim Corbett’s Village.
* More than 350 species of birds in a small stretch of 4-5 square km
* Migratory Birds during Winter Months
* Walk inside Dense Forest Area
* Visit Corbett’s Jungle Studio
* Trained Birder
* A Binocular
* Field Guide for Bird Identification
* Pen and Writing Pad
Explore our website to know more fun activities and fall in love with nature ❤️
27 Dec 2018

Chhoti haldwani 104th festival 2018

The 4th edition of Jim Corbett Heritage Village festival commenced on the 22nd of Dec with the garlanding of Jim Corbett statue at his Museum in Kaladhungi.The visitors from various states were introduced to the legacy of Jim Corbett. As a tradition, done by Corbett himself of distributing gram and gur during xmas the visitors too got a taste of it.
 This year the festival reached out beyond Chotti Haldwani and involved students and communities of Fatehpur and Gadgadiya who are a part of an elephant corridor. They were given a heritage tour of the village and along with the other participants shared the importance of elephants and corridors in wildlife conservation. The farmers who have been initiated into organic farming where facilited and they shared their experiences with others to motivate them  into organic farming so that the village would become 100% organic. The festival over the years is evolving as a festival of the communities where participation of the children and women is increasing.They are contributing in taking forward the local culture. It is being  looked forward too year after year.At this occasion Dr Ajay Rawat, noted historian, relased the third revised edition of Walking with Corbett, a walkaholic guide to the built heritage of Corbett in Kaladhungi and Nainital.
07 Dec 2018

Upcoming Event : Corbett’s Village Festival 2018

Jim Corbett Heritage Village Festival 
23rd Sun, 24th Mon, 25th Tue, Dec 2018
The Jim Corbett Heritage Village of Chotti Haldwani,Kaladhungi,Uttarakhand,announces the 4th edition of its centenary celebrations.
This year celebration is dedicated to “Farming” as the village has taken small steps towards going completely organic in farming.
 A host of hands-on activities like creating of vermicompost pits, demonstrations of biogas plants and organic farming etc will be a part of the  programme including activites viz. heritage walks, birdwatching, forest trails, village walks, cycling, traditional games,cultural programme, puppet & film shows and local food. 
Book with us for 3 days 2 nights @ 3700 INR per person on twin sharing basis, boarding n lodging and a day visit @ 650 INR per person including a meal and  n activity as per programme.
Since the festival is at the heritage village itself accommodation in homestays is limited. 
So hurry and book now.
Contact: 09411324204, 09012308933
21 Aug 2018

Gaj Mahotsav, WTI New Delhi

Wildlife Trust of India organized four-day long Gaj Mahotsav from August 12-15, 2018 at Indira Gandhi National Arts Centre, New Delhi. The key objectives of this event were to protect elephants and their corridors for safe passage. The representatives of non-governmental organizations from eight States of India viz. Karnataka, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Kerala, and Uttarakhand which are actively involved in conserving the animal kingdom including elephants participated in this event.
There are 101 Elephant Corridors in India and Wildlife Trust of India is working on all of them. Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti, Chhoti Haldwani represented the State of Uttarakhand at the event. The Samiti also had its stall in order to endorse the notion of rural tourism and products by local community. The Samiti received Certificate of Appreciation as Green Corridor Champions at the event. The Samiti has assumed the responsibility of creating awareness in the schools in the region regarding the protection of elephants at Fatehpur and Gadgadiya Elephant Corridors.
Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Honourable Union Minister of Commerce & Industry inaugurated the event.
The event was attended by Mr. Vivek Menon, CEO, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), Mr. Azidine Donnis of International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW), and Mr. Prasoon Joshi, Chairman, Central Film Board of India. Mrs. Dia Mirza who is the Brand Ambassador of Wildlife Trust of India was also present. 
Mr. Rajkumar Pandey, President, Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti, Mr. Mohan Chandra Pandey, Secretary, Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti, Mr. Indra Bisht, Manager, Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti represented the Samiti and the State of Uttarakhand at the event.
28 Jan 2018

Chotti Haldwani Festival, Kaladhungi, Nainital

23rd Saturday-25thMonday: December 2017 (3days/2night) 

You are cordially invited to the Chotti Haldwani festival at the heritage village of the great hunter turned conservationist ‘Jim Corbett’. The festival is a unique celebration of nature, heritage and culture woven together by the community of Chotti Haldwani.

“If we  don’t bestir ourselves now, it will be to our discredit that the fauna of our province was exterminated in our generation and under our very eyes, while we looked on and never raised a finger to prevent it”- Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett purchased Chotti Haldwani village a hundred years ago in 1915 to develop it as a self sustainable model Kumaoni village. His experiences are described in his book My India. The festival each year commemorates the efforts of the community to realise the dream of conserving forests and taking the legacy of Jim Corbett forward. The 102nd Chotti Haldwani festival will be organized at the village and the surrounding forests by the community of Chotti Haldwani (CGVS) along with our supporting partners.


  •  Visit to the Jim Corbett Museum & Heritage village
  • Nature walk  /Bird watching/Heritage walks/ Butterfly identification
  • Shadow puppet show and cultural performances by the community  
  • Painting the traditional ‘Apan’ or rangoli
  • Cycling
  • Savoring  local cuisine at community run restaurant
  • Film shows on wildlife


  •  Pre registration required for the 3D/2N package by paying Rs 5,000/-
  • The package will be all inclusive. (entry fee, guiding fee, activities, food and homestay on twin sharing basis)
  • One day package will cost Rs. 1200- per person. (incl. of lunch and activities only)
  • Travel (local and out-station) are not included, they may be arranged on nominal charges.


Day 1: 23th December 2017

0930-1130 : Inauguration at the Jim Corbett Museum

                       Guided tour of museum & souvenir shop

1500- 1700: Jim Corbett Heritage Village walk /cycling tour

1800-1900: Cultural performances by community

Day 2: 24th December 2017

0730 -0900: Bird watching

1000-1400: Nature walking to Corbett fall (Picnic lunch)

1800-1900: Shadow Puppet show and screening of film

Day 3: 25th December 2017

 0730-0930: Baur canal walk (tea at FRH & visit to art gallery)

 1130-1230 :  ‘Apan’ rangoli workshop

 1500-1600 : Closing ceremony & Tribute to Tom Alter

Looking forward to seeing you for the festival.

Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti


Mob: Mohan Pandey +91-9411324204, Inder Singh Bisht: +91-9012308933

Email: [email protected], Web: www.corbettvillage.in  

Facebook: Jim Corbett Heritage Village

Should you wish to make a donation

  •  Maintenance of heritage structures: Rs.25,000
  • Support for educational & cultural activities: Rs.30,000
  • Publicity & advertising: 20,000
  • Environment conservation : bio gas plant/vermin-compost pits/solar street lights: 50,000

(Tax exemption certificate is available on request)

28 Oct 2017

बड़ी धूमधाम से मनाया पर्यटन पर्व

आज कॉर्बेट ग्राम विकास समिति, छोटी हल्द्वानी द्वारा पर्यटन विभाग के साथ मिलकर भारत सरकार का पर्यटन पर्व 5 – 25अक्टूबर मनाया गया जिसमें यहां के स्कूली बच्चों ने भाग लिया इस अवसर पर नगर पंचायत अध्यक्ष, एस. डी. एम. कालाढूंगी,  राजस्व विभाग से पटवारी जी तथा पर्यटन विभाग से उप निदेशक  कुमाऊँ उपस्थित थे।
कार्यक्रम के दौरान कॉर्बेट ग्राम विकास समिति द्वारा बच्चों को नेचर / हैरिटेज वॉक कराया गया साथ ही कॉर्बेट के सहयोगी मोती सिंह के घर पर ग्रामीण महिलाओं ने अपने पारम्परिक परिधान में पर्यटकों के स्वागत पर झोड़े गए।

28 Dec 2016

Jim Corbett Heritage Village celebrates 101 years: 25th-27th Dec 2016

The village of Jim Corbett, the hunter turned conservationist, celebrated its 101styear festival after the grand celebrations on turning 100 last year. It is a novel example in bringing together communities including women and children and spreading the message of conservation. This year too a host of activities were lined up starting on Christmas day. These included cycling, trekking, nature walks, bird watching, talks and workshop on aipan craft. The celebrations began with the ceremonial garlanding of Corbett’s bust at his house which has been turned into a museum was done by the Mr. Pushkar Kathura, Nagar Panchayat President.  The 100+ festival as it was called was formally inaugurated by Mr. Kapil Joshi, Director, Forest Training Academy, Haldwani.  The trainees of the FTI who were present at the inauguration walked the Jim Corbett heritage trail and saw the exhibition of local products. The next day was also activity packed. Trainees of the State Forest Service College were also present in the festival. The visitors identified 50 species of birds on a single bird trail. Trained bird guides Mr. Rajesh Bhatt and Mr. Mohan Panday accompanied the visitors and assisted them in identifying birds. The Baur canal trail and the trek to the Chuna Khan waterfall mesmerized everyone.

Evenings were occupied with screening of a film on Jim Corbett’s legacy, folk dance performances “Jhora” by the community, folk songs on nature, shadow puppet shows by the village children, stalls of traditional food and local handicrafts. The workshop on traditional art of Kumaoni rangoli called ‘aipan’ was a great draw for the visitors. The visitors were hosted in 10 homestays run by locals in Chhoti Haldwani village. Dr. Ajay Rawat of Kumaon University also interacted with the visitors and briefed them about the forest heritage of Uttarakhand the various forest movements in the state. Ms. Kehakasha Naseem, DFO Terai East also interacted with the visitors on her experiences with community based tourism.

Thus ended the 2 day festival hosted by the Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti of Chhoti Haldwani which is a collective of fans of Jim Corbett from his very own village. This festival at Chhoti Haldwani is one of its’ kind in the state of Uttarakhand. This unique festival is an effort where the works and profits are equally shared by the community. The festival generates no waste using no bottled water or plastic. It was celebrated with great gusto and organized with each other’s cooperation and witnessed by over 1000 villagers. It was supported by Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation and Uttarakhand Forest Department including the Eco tourism wing. The communities of Chhoti Haldwani reiterated their faith  in realizing Jim Corbett’s dream in making their village into a model self-sustainable village with a mandate of conservation.