The 4th edition of Jim Corbett Heritage Village festival commenced on the 22nd of Dec with the garlanding of Jim Corbett statue at his Museum in Kaladhungi.The visitors from various states were introduced to the legacy of Jim Corbett. As a tradition, done by Corbett himself of distributing gram and gur during xmas the visitors too got a taste of it.
 This year the festival reached out beyond Chotti Haldwani and involved students and communities of Fatehpur and Gadgadiya who are a part of an elephant corridor. They were given a heritage tour of the village and along with the other participants shared the importance of elephants and corridors in wildlife conservation. The farmers who have been initiated into organic farming where facilited and they shared their experiences with others to motivate them  into organic farming so that the village would become 100% organic. The festival over the years is evolving as a festival of the communities where participation of the children and women is increasing.They are contributing in taking forward the local culture. It is being  looked forward too year after year.At this occasion Dr Ajay Rawat, noted historian, relased the third revised edition of Walking with Corbett, a walkaholic guide to the built heritage of Corbett in Kaladhungi and Nainital.